Get Certified in Lifesaving Skills

Scenario One: You’re at a restaurant with friends for brunch. You hear someone start coughing. The coughing becomes continuous and more aggressive. You look around the room and see someone who appears to be choking.

Scenario Two: You arrive at work. As you sit down at your desk and get ready to start your day, you hear a loud noise in the breakroom. You head over to investigate and see your co-worker collapsed on the floor and unconscious.

Scenario Three: You’re at the park with your family. Lots of families, adults and children are having a fun time. Suddenly, you hear a cry for help. A child playing has fallen and is crying. The child’s left hand is grabbing the right shoulder. There’s a gash on the child’s knee and elbow.

Accidents and emergencies occur when we least expect it. Some may be minor but others may be life-threatening. In critical situations, the difference between life & death may be a matter of time and the immediate care provided.

If you faced one of the scenarios above, would you know what to do? What if the situation involved a co-worker, a friend or a family member? How would you respond?

Get trained & certified in First Aid & CPR/AED

Training & certification in First Aid & CPR/AED not only gives you the skills and confidence to help when an accident or emergency occurs but it also helps you recognize different types of emergencies, educates you on best practices, Good Samaritan laws and when it’s necessary to obtain consent before providing help, teaches you the proper steps to assess a scene for safety before providing help, teaches you how to deliver proper care (First Aid, CPR/AED) to someone in need and learn the importance of when to call 911 & access advanced emergency care.

Of course, you should only provide care to the extent of your training and not beyond. Being trained and certified in First Aid & CPR/AED does not mean you can play doctor! Do only what you have been trained to do!

The American Heart Association ( and the American Red Cross ( are two reputable and recognized organizations where you can get trained and certified in First Aid & CPR/AED. Both organizations provide various classes throughout the year. Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you’ll receive a certificate typically valid for two (2) years from the date of completion. The validity of your certificate may vary depending on which First Aid or CPR/AED certification course you take.

If you are taking certification courses for a job, check with your workplace for their specific requirements. You may be required to take a First Aid or CPR/AED course for professionals instead of one for lay responders. Also, while your certificate may be valid for two (2) years, some jobs may require annual recertification. Again, check with your workplace for certification requirements.

While we hope that we’ll never have to use our First Aid & CPR/AED training in practice, getting trained and certified will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to step up and help!

Hey, you may save a life!


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