Social Media: The Good, The Bad & The Detox

The advent of social media has profoundly impacted modern society and culture. Social media can be an extremely powerful and positive platform for communications, interactions & connections, information sharing & collaboration and more. By the same token, social media if not properly checked can be misused, overused or manipulated in ways that may induce negativity and be hurtful & harmful. It is important that social media be used responsibly.

The Good

Social media is a great platform for family & friends to keep in contact and stay up-to-date with one another on life events regardless of where each person is located. From a marriage – to the birth of a child – to last weekend’s BBQ, social media allows people to connect & share from around the world. Social media is a great way for fans to connect and interact with celebrities, musicians, artists, writers & performers in ways that traditionally would not be possible. It is also a great resource for delivering news, important alerts & announcements, broadcasting live interactive feeds & events, connecting consumers to services & support, serving as an advertising, marketing & promotion platform and so forth. 

The Bad

Like with most things, there is a flip-side to social media. Negative and mean comments on social media can be hurtful, harmful and greatly affect one’s self-esteem. Social media can be misused & manipulated as a tool for cyber-bullying & shaming. Social media can become a distraction resulting in unsafe and dangerous activities like live streaming or posting while operating a vehicle or performing an extremely dangerous stunt to gain likes and views. Social media can also become overly addictive resulting in some living their lives in their social media fantasy world while alienating friends and family in the real world.

The Detox

Social media can be fun, enjoyable and positive; but, it is crucial that you use it responsibly and periodically detach yourselves from it. You don’t need to take extreme steps like deleting your social media accounts or stop using social media altogether for prolonged periods of time to detox. However, do realize that there is a world outside of social media and detoxing from social media from time-to-time is a good thing. You can take small steps by reducing the amount of time you spend on social media each day and gradually expand that break for longer periods of time. As you begin to reallocate your time spent on social media, you may start to see things a bit differently (in a positive way!)