Get Help for iTunes & App Store Purchases with Apple’s “Report A Problem”

Report A Problem

Have a problem with a recent purchase made from iTunes or the App Store in iOS or macOS? Well, if you made that purchase within the past 90 days, you may be able to get help or even a refund (for eligible purchases) with Apple’s “Report A Problem.”

Apple’s “Report a Problem” lets you report issues with recent purchases and covers issues including an unauthorized purchase, purchased the wrong item, made an accidental purchase, purchase couldn’t be downloaded and more. In addition, “Report A Problem” lets you access the purchase history of your Apple iTunes & App Store account, view and print purchase receipts.

You can access Apple’s “Report A Problem” by visiting and signing into the page with the credentials (Apple ID and password) associated with the account used to make the purchase. Alternatively, if you have the Apple purchase receipt in your e-mail, locate the item purchased on the receipt and click on “Report A Problem” which will take you to the link above.

After you have signed in, you’ll have access to the purchase history for the respective iTunes and App Store account, you’ll be able to review your purchase receipts and report your problem. To report a problem, review your purchase history and locate the problematic purchase then click on “Report a Problem”. Follow the on-screen prompts and action steps to report your problem to Apple.

Note: “Report A Problem” does not cover subscriptions which are managed separately through your iTunes account. To manage your subscriptions in iTunes, go to “Account” then “View My Account.” Enter your Apple credentials (Apple ID and password) when prompted. On the “Account Information” page, scroll down to “Settings” and locate the line item for “Subscriptions”. Click on the button labeled “Manage” which will bring you to the “Edit Subscription” page where you can manage your subscriptions.


Sing Us A Song, Piano Man!

Forty-three shows and still going strong . . . Multi-platinum recording artist and multi-Grammy Award winner Billy Joel continues his residency at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Joel has been playing a show a month at “the world’s most famous arena” since his residency began at The Garden in January 2014.

The music icon, singer, songwriter and pianist certainly hasn’t lost his touch, belting out classic hits and fan favorites including “Uptown Girl,” “Big Shot,” “River of Dreams,” “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” “You May Be Right,” “Don’t Ask Me Why,” “Piano Man” and more.

During the show, Joel engages the audience by throwing out a “fielder’s choice” giving the audience an opportunity to pick from a choice of songs for Joel and his band to perform. Joel even tosses in a medley of other familiar tunes throughout the night. In a recent show, Joel incorporated The Isley Brothers’ “Shout” while performing “River of Dreams” and later played a few bars from Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” as well as Elmer Bernstein’s theme song for “The Magnificent Seven.”

Let’s not forget about Joel’s band, a band comprised of some of the finest musicians and vocalists you’ve ever seen and heard. Together, Billy Joel and his band put on one incredible and memorable show . . . a night you won’t soon forget! Truly, a night to remember!

How does that lyric from “Piano Man” go again?

“Cause he knows that it’s me they’ve been coming to see to forget about life for a while.”

Check out some clips below from Billy Joel’s August 2017 performance at Madison Square Garden in NYC.




Support for 32-bit apps To End in iOS & macOS

Earlier this year, Apple announced that it would begin to phase out support for 32-bit apps in both iOS and macOS.

Starting with the release of iOS 11 in Fall 2017, iOS will no longer support 32-bit apps. 32-bit apps will disappear from the App Store and users attempting to launch existing 32-bit apps on their iOS devices (devices which have been upgraded to iOS 11) will receive a notification that the 32-bit app is no longer supported and must be updated by the app developer in order to work with iOS 11.

Users can check their iOS devices to determine which apps, if any, are 32-bit. To check on an iOS device, go to Settings | General | About | Applications. If your iOS device is running any 32-bit apps you’ll be able to click on “Applications” and get a list of those 32-bit apps. If you are unable to click on “Applications,” your iOS device should be running 64-bit apps.

As for macOS, macOS High Sierra will be the last release of macOS that will support 32-bit apps “without compromises” according to Apple. Starting January 2018, all new apps submitted to the Mac App Store will be required to support 64-bit and then in June 2018, all apps and updates in the Mac App Store will be required to support 64-bit.

Users can utilize the Activity Monitor or System Report in macOS to determine if a Mac is running 32-bit apps.

Using the Activity Monitor

  • In the Finder, select Go | Utilities then launch “Activity Monitor.”
  • After the Activity Monitor window opens, select View | Columns and make sure “Kind” is selected (checked).
  • Sort all processes by “Kind” (click on the column header for “Kind” to sort) and make note of any 32-bit apps.

Using the System Report

  • In the Finder, select the Apple menu then “About This Mac”
  • In the “About This Mac” window that opens, click “System Report”
  • In the left-hand column, scroll down to “Software” then select “Applications”
  • Once the list of applications populates (this may take a moment), sort the list by the column labeled “64-Bit (Intel)” (you may need to expand the window to see this column)
  • A “No” in the “64-Bit (Intel)” column means the app is a 32-bit app. Make note of all 32-bit apps.

If you are running 32-bit apps on iOS or macOS, you’ll want to check with or contact the app developers to see if and when a supported 64-bit version will become available. While some app developers may release updates to their apps to support 64-bit, some may not. For any apps that will not receive an update that supports 64-bit, you’ll want to plan ahead.

Microsoft To End Support For Office 2011 for Mac

With the upcoming release of Apple’s macOS High Sierra in Fall 2017, Microsoft has officially announced that it will end support for Office 2011 for Mac on October 10, 2017.

The official end of support means Microsoft will no longer release any new software updates (critical or not) nor provide technical support (free or paid) for Office 2011 for Mac on or after this date. Microsoft has also stated that they have not tested Office 2011 for Mac for compatibility with macOS High Sierra nor do then plan to officially support the latest version of macOS.

Current users of Office 2011 for Mac can upgrade to Microsoft’s latest version of Microsoft Office for the Mac, Office 2016 for Mac, to continue receiving updates and support. However, upgrading to Office 2016 for Mac won’t guarantee 100% support and compatibility with macOS High Sierra, at least not yet. Microsoft Office does not officially support macOS High Sierra while the macOS is in beta.

As with its predecessors, Microsoft Office will likely receive a batch of software updates to make it compatible with and supported in macOS High Sierra; though it’s unlikely to happen until High Sierra reaches final release or RTM.

Jana Kramer Drops New Single “I’ve Done Love”

Jana Kramer

Country music artist and American actress Jana Kramer dropped her brand new single, “I’ve Done Love” on Friday and you’ll want to hear it!

It’s been a year since Kramer dropped new music and this single was well worth the wait. “I’ve Done Love” is the perfect follow-up to her hit singles “Love,” “I Got the Boy,” “Said No One Ever” and “Circles” from her 2015 studio album Thirty One.

Fans of the television series One Tree Hill will remember Kramer for her role as Alex Dupre. Kramer also appeared as a celebrity competitor on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and in numerous commercials for Nationwide Insurance.

“I’ve Done Love” is available now and can be heard and requested on country radio.

You can check out some clips below from Jana Kramer’s 2015 performance at Gramercy Theatre in New York.



Get Certified in Lifesaving Skills

Scenario One: You’re at a restaurant with friends for brunch. You hear someone start coughing. The coughing becomes continuous and more aggressive. You look around the room and see someone who appears to be choking.

Scenario Two: You arrive at work. As you sit down at your desk and get ready to start your day, you hear a loud noise in the breakroom. You head over to investigate and see your co-worker collapsed on the floor and unconscious.

Scenario Three: You’re at the park with your family. Lots of families, adults and children are having a fun time. Suddenly, you hear a cry for help. A child playing has fallen and is crying. The child’s left hand is grabbing the right shoulder. There’s a gash on the child’s knee and elbow.

Accidents and emergencies occur when we least expect it. Some may be minor but others may be life-threatening. In critical situations, the difference between life & death may be a matter of time and the immediate care provided.

If you faced one of the scenarios above, would you know what to do? What if the situation involved a co-worker, a friend or a family member? How would you respond?

Get trained & certified in First Aid & CPR/AED

Training & certification in First Aid & CPR/AED not only gives you the skills and confidence to help when an accident or emergency occurs but it also helps you recognize different types of emergencies, educates you on best practices, Good Samaritan laws and when it’s necessary to obtain consent before providing help, teaches you the proper steps to assess a scene for safety before providing help, teaches you how to deliver proper care (First Aid, CPR/AED) to someone in need and learn the importance of when to call 911 & access advanced emergency care.

Of course, you should only provide care to the extent of your training and not beyond. Being trained and certified in First Aid & CPR/AED does not mean you can play doctor! Do only what you have been trained to do!

The American Heart Association ( and the American Red Cross ( are two reputable and recognized organizations where you can get trained and certified in First Aid & CPR/AED. Both organizations provide various classes throughout the year. Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you’ll receive a certificate typically valid for two (2) years from the date of completion. The validity of your certificate may vary depending on which First Aid or CPR/AED certification course you take.

If you are taking certification courses for a job, check with your workplace for their specific requirements. You may be required to take a First Aid or CPR/AED course for professionals instead of one for lay responders. Also, while your certificate may be valid for two (2) years, some jobs may require annual recertification. Again, check with your workplace for certification requirements.

While we hope that we’ll never have to use our First Aid & CPR/AED training in practice, getting trained and certified will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to step up and help!

Hey, you may save a life!

Raise Your Glass! P!NK Is Back!

It’s been almost four years since P!NK concluded The Truth About Love Tour and took a hiatus from music to spend time with her family and give birth to her second child with husband Carey Hart. Last year, fans got a chance to hear new music from P!NK when the song “Just Like Fire” dropped from the soundtrack for Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass.

On Thursday, P!NK’s brand new single, “What About Us” dropped from her upcoming album Beautiful Trauma. “What About Us” is an incredible song with heartfelt relatable lyrics, a wonderful melody and showcases P!NK’s amazing vocals.

Beautiful Trauma is currently available for pre-order and is due to release on October 13th. “What About Us” is currently available as a standalone single or as an immediate download with pre-order of Beautiful Trauma.

You can catch P!NK performing at this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival 2017 being held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on September 22nd & 23rd.