Tech Tip: Norton Security for Mac stuck on “Pending” progress bar upon launch

When you typically launch Norton Security, the application should launch immediately into the Norton Security dashboard. However, if you’ve recently launched Norton Security and suddenly experience a “Pending” progress bar that appears “stuck,” there are a few things that you can try.

First, be patient and wait. Let Norton Security attempt to launch into the dashboard normally. For troubleshooting purposes, give it a 15-20 minute wait before taking further action.

If Norton Security DOES launch into the dashboard, run LiveUpdate to make sure all the latest updates are installed then close out and re-launch Norton Security a second time. If Norton Security launches normally on the second attempt, you should continue to monitor for further issues. Hopefully, this was either a temporary issue or a software issue resolved with a software update via LiveUpdate.

If Norton Security DOES NOT launch normally into the dashboard, launch Disk Utility (In Finder, Go | Utilities | Disk Utility) and run First Aid on your Macintosh HD. This will eliminate the possibility of permission issues. After running First Aid, re-launch Norton Security.

If Norton Security again DOES NOT launch properly, it may be necessary to re-install Norton Security. The application may be corrupted or a recent update may have caused the issue. Before you can re-install Norton Security, you must use Symantec’s “RemoveSymantecMacFiles” to completely remove all Norton Security files.

You can download and obtain instructions for the “RemoveSymantecMacFiles” tool from the link below:

Follow the instructions to remove all Norton Security files. You will be required to restart your Mac. Once you have restarted your Mac, re-install Norton Security on your Mac using the latest installer (Important: Be sure to download and use a copy of the latest installer). After Norton Security has been installed, re-launch the application. Norton Security should launch properly after a clean installation.


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