Last Minute Gift Ideas

We’re coming down to the wire with Christmas only a week away. Whether you’re still shopping for Christmas gifts for someone else or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to something nice, here are a few suggestions to consider.

Portable Battery Charger

Our smartphones have become such an important part of our every day lives. They go practically everywhere with us and we utilize them for just about everything from phone calls to messaging to GPS to streaming video to paying bills. At one point or another, we’ve drained our smartphones down to near empty levels and probably tried desperately to borrow someone’s wall charger and find an open electrical outlet to give our devices a boost of life. With a portable battery charger (available in a variety of capacities), you can easily carry extra battery power on the go. These chargers are small enough to keep in a purse, backpack or even your pocket. Portable battery chargers are great to charge your smartphones while you are in transit or simply at a location where a wall outlet is not easily accessible. Some chargers may be used to charge your portable music players and tablets as well. They make for a perfect gift for the holidays.

Streaming Media Players

We love entertainment! Music, video, apps . . . whatever your preference, we love good entertainment and how better to enjoy that entertainment than through a variety of streaming media players currently available. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku are just a few of the streaming media players out there. Each streaming media player has its benefits so you’ll want to do a bit of research to see which device best suits your needs or the needs of your gift recipient; but regardless of which device you get, it should make for quite a gift on Christmas Day.

Rechargeable Portable Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker

While we often listen to audio using our headphones or earphones on our devices (smartphones, portable music players, laptops), there may be occasions where we need to use the built-in speakers. However, sometimes the overall quality of those speakers just aren’t up to par with the audio quality we would expect or desire. There are plenty of rechargeable portable wireless/bluetooth speakers available that you can easily find a great one to use to enhance the quality of the sound coming from your devices.

JBL, Beats, Amazon and many other manufacturers have rechargeable portable speakers that truly reproduce audio & sound the way it was meant to be heard. It makes for quite a holiday gift.

Tip: While many devices support wireless/bluetooth connectivity, consider getting one that also includes a 3.5mm audio jack to support legacy devices.

Gift Cards

If you’re really in a bind, a gift card can make a great gift as well. However, don’t just get any gift card. Some gift cards have expiration dates or charge fees after a certain period of time. Look for gift cards that have no expiration dates and do not charge any fees that reduce the value of the gift card over time (ex: dormancy fees). Also, give a gift card that someone can actually use and not one that the gift recipient will have to try desperately to use. gift cards are great for this purpose and there’s a pretty good chance the gift recipient will find something to use that gift card for. Amazon has a huge selection of products to choose from including digital music & video. There should be something for practically everyone.

For Apple users, an Apple Store or Apple iTunes gift card makes for a great gift. Keep in mind that Apple Store and Apple iTunes gift cards are not interchangeable. Apple Store gift cards can only be used towards the purchase of Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, peripherals and accessories in Apple’s retail stores or online store. Apple iTunes gift cards can only be used for purchases in the Apple iTunes and App store.


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