Tech Tip: Rebooting iPhone 7

Have a brand new iPhone 7 and need to give it a reboot?

Well, if you’ve tried the long-standing method of holding down the Power/Lock button and the Home button, you may have realized that your iPhone 7 isn’t rebooting. While the iPhone 7 appears to have a Home button, it’s not actually a button at all. The Home button on the iPhone 7 is actually static. It is force sensitive and utilizes force touch in order to give it functionality.

So, how do you reboot your iPhone 7 without a real Home button?

Apple has assigned the previous reboot function of the Home button to the down Volume button. So, if you hold down the Power/Lock button along with the down Volume button for several seconds, you will see the Apple logo appear and your iPhone 7 will reboot like prior models.

One note though . . . When you hold down the down Volume button to reboot the iPhone 7, you will notice the ringer volume go down on the screen. This also means that when you complete the reboot, you will need to turn up your ringer volume back to the previous desired level.

Although it is not a big deal, it would be nice if iOS 10 recognized that you were attempting to reboot the phone by holding the two keys and not adjust the ringer volume settings. Perhaps Apple will adjust this functionality in a future iOS update or release.


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