Rick Astley is back . . . and better than ever!

80’s pop sensation, Rick Astley, rocked the house at The Town Hall in NYC this past Thursday night. Astley is promoting the US release of his new album, “50” which came out on Friday. “50” is his first US album release in 23 years, first new album in 10 years and “50” has already been certified gold in the UK.

While “50” may sound a bit different than Astley’s old hits, “50” certainly does not disappoint and Astley’s signature voice and sound has only gotten better. Some of the incredible new songs on “50” include “Keep Singing,” “Angels on My Side” and “Dance”.

At The Town Hall, Astley performed his classic hits including “Together Forever,” “She Wants to Dance with Me,” “Cry for Help” and “Never Gonna Give You Up,” songs from the new album and some covers while throwing in a few jokes now and then.

It was one fantastic and incredible night and an absolute joy to watch and listen to Rick Astley and his band perform live.


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