GarageBand for Mac & iOS


GarageBand for Mac & iOS is a powerful all-in-one music creation studio. The app is included with the purchase of new Macs and iOS devices. It can also be purchased standalone through the Mac and iOS App stores.

For someone who’s not a musician or composer, GarageBand does have smart instruments and a collection of royalty-free Apple music loops that you can select, use, edit and arrange to create some really interesting and cool tracks.

With smart instruments, you can use the autoplay control knob to select a series of preset chord progressions for guitars, piano, string instruments, drums & percussions. Likewise, you can utilize GarageBand’s huge library of royalty-free Apple music loops to create really fantastic arrangements. With a little creativity, time and patience, you can put these all together to create some really great instrumental pieces.

While this won’t make you the next John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith or Murray Gold, it will spark your creativity and will certainly be a fun exercise and experience, so give it a try!


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